The Last Days of Tian Di Book 3: Bone, Fog, Ash & Star

The Last Days of Tian Di
Book 3: Bone, Fog, Ash & Star

Eliza hoped she could leave the past behind her and choose her own road, separate from the terrible future prophesied for her. That hope is dashed on her sixteenth birthday, when her best friend Charlie is nearly murdered. To find out who tried to kill him and why, Eliza must return to the place she swore she’d left behind forever: the Mancer Citadel.

Soon, Eliza is pushed to her very limits, struggling to protect those she loves and pursued unrelentingly by powerful enemies as she undertakes an impossible quest to collect four ancient treasures with the power to change the world. Impossible choices and shocking truths lie in wait, as Eliza and her friends band together for a final confrontation in this conclusion to the series.

Bone, Fog, Ash & Star – Sonnet Synopsis

In the bright palm of the deluder’s hand
You watch the world end, you watch them die
And time rolls on without you. In this lie
You dwell a while, until you understand:
You may not be the hero after all
Your heart may not be right, but it is true
You can’t unchoose your choices, can’t undo
The things you’ve done for love, while duty’s call
You barely heard. Now this: your ruinous quest
will shake the worlds and lead you back to her,
your dearest foe. And as the Ancients stir
you’ll find the truth, and face your final test.
Chasing the awful drumbeat of your heart
Your dearest wish may tear the worlds apart.