The Last Days of Tian Di Book 2: The Unmaking

The Last Days of Tian Di
Book 2: The Unmaking

Since she escaped the Xia Sorceress and rescued her parents from the Arctic, Eliza’s life has only gotten more complicated. Now fourteen, she studies magic with the Mancers, but finds herself repeatedly in conflict with the Supreme Mancer over how and when to use her powers. More unsettling still, ravens keep appearing wherever she is, watching her, following her. Luckily, she still has her two best friends, Nell and Charlie, to keep her company.

When the Xia Sorceress breaks free of her Arctic prison and sets about taking revenge on her enemies – starting with the Mancers – none of them are prepared. As Charlie and Nell get swept up in events in Tian Xia, Eliza must face a deeply personal challenge that Nia has devised for her. The revelation of a terrible secret forces her to question her loyalties and make a difficult decision about her future.

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The Unmaking – Sonnet Synopsis

You think by now you have it figured out:
Whom you can trust and who is on your side,
The good and evil thing, the sharp divide
Between your separate selves. You cast about
For help in learning both roles: how to be
The Sorceress you think the world needs
And how to be a girl. Though each impedes
The other, you still think you can be free.
Then she comes back like a storm and in her wake
She leaves a ruin of all you thought was true
Her swift revenge, her monstrous will – this you
Must comprehend in order to unmake.
You’ll find that as both girl and Sorceress
You’re more than what you thought, and also less.