The Last Days of Tian Di Book 1: Shade & Sorceress

Last_Days_of_TD-1 The Last Days of Tian Di
Book 1: Shade & Sorceress

Eliza and her father have spent her whole life hiding from something, or someone. When she is twelve years old, she finds out why. Snatched away from the island she has come to call home, Eliza becomes half prisoner, half pupil in the mystical Citadel of the Mancers. They believe she is the lost daughter of the last Shang Sorceress, who guards the Crossing between the magical and the non-magical worlds. Her inability to perform magic has almost persuaded them that they have made a mistake when her father is kidnapped, a spy is revealed, and the secrets surrounding Eliza, her family, and her history start to come out. Trying to rescue her father, Eliza is caught up in an old battle that takes her across both worlds and into the domain of a deadly enemy.

Shade & Sorceress – Sonnet Synopsis

You see them coming from the sky – these things
Shining above the clouds – how could you know
That you are seeing, in the morning glow,
Your childhood’s end descend on golden wings.
Here’s what you know: You are not what they say
This destiny does not belong to you
Here’s what you’ll learn: when you’ve got things to do
Not even destiny can bar your way.
The secrets peel away and leave behind
A sliver of the bare and shivering truth
You cross two worlds armed with a dragon’s tooth
Into the realm your awful foe designed.
So what are you? Whatever else, it’s plain
That you will never be a child again.